The Zen Room
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Practiced consistently, yoga, prenatal yoga, qigong, tai chi and soto zen meditation has many benefits for the physical, mental and emotional body.   Here are some things to remember when starting a class at The Zen Room:

1) Come on an empty or just about empty stomach. Make sure your last meal was a couple hours beforehand.

2) Bring water

3) Wear comfortable or loose fitting clothes

4) Turn off cell phones or set to vibrate.

5) We have yoga mats if you don't have one; to borrow or to purchase (PVC free mats 30$). If you already have a brand new mat, please let it air out of the package for 48hrs before use. You don't need a mat for meditation, qigong or tai chi.

  1. 6)Be gentle to yourself.  Your body is your best teacher, so listen closely. Blend your effort with an equal part of ease. Don't worry, you'll still benefit.

 We are located at 631 Brevard Ave. Suite C. Cocoa Fl 32922. To contact us with further questions please email  or call 321-544-8541


Breathing in, cherish yourself.

Breathing out, cherish the world.

                                     -Dalai Lama

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy  sessions now available.


We've been offering yoga, tai chi, qigong and meditation in Cocoa Village for 11 years, supported by students who value a mindful practice that's a balance of effort and ease in a peaceful, non-competitive environment.  Our teaching is informed by the full breadth of the yoga tradition, and  the insight of healing arts such as tai chi, qigong and soto zen meditation.  Come try one of our 20 weekly classes. We also offer private instruction, workshops, prenatal yoga and kids yoga.Schedule_and_Prices.html
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